Mark's Next Live

Wellness Presentation

September 26th, 2017


Join Me for a DOUBLE Wellness Presentation:

Awaken Your Wellness, MAPT, CFMT      &

"Eat Free, Be Free":  Bonnie Be, Holistic Nutritional Counselor

Make The Decision To Get Real Results In Your Life!
Find Out What It Takes Enhance Your Mindset to:

Awaken Your Mind & Awaken Your Wellness



  • Tuesday, 26th September
  • 7:00pm EST
  • Location: "It Takes A Village Wellness"
  • 301 East Main St, Port Jeff, NY 11777
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Get Results and Return To Your Active Lifestyle Today.

Reach your health and wellness goals with

Mark Marino's Advanced Manual Physical Therapy


Come Feel The Difference and Return To Function!

  • 18+ Years experience in Orthopedic Manual Therapy
  • Specialized Functional Mobilization/Releaase Techniques
  • One of Only ~300 Certified Functional Manual Therapists in the country
  • More "Hands on" time and 1:1 Body Mind Awareness Training
  • Get More efficient and effective results

Marino Physical Therapy:

My mission is, first, to help alleviate your pain and for you to achieve the highest level of function possible. My primary objective is to help you reach your health and wellness goals.

Through a comprehensive, holistic, one-on-one, manual therapy approach, you will achieve more efficient and effective results than you would with conventional physical therapy.

Starting with a detailed evaluation of your musculo-skeletal system I will identify the primary cause of your pain and dysfunction. Together we will determine a plan to help you reach your goals.

Using hands-on, specialized techniques, I will help alleviate your pain. Through one-on-one training in exercise, postural awareness/body mechanics and a detailed home exercise program you will, not only reduce or eliminate your pain, you can lead a healthier, more efficient lifestyle as well.

I believe that every person has existing, untapped strengths and abilities that will help them achieve their health and wellness goals.

Come to Marino Physical Therapy and let Mark help you get results, reach your goals and return to your active Lifestyle!


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"5 Tips To Achieve Your Health & Wellness"


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The BodyDisk

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  • Improve Flexibility & Range of Motion
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 Mark's Motivational Wellness Series:

Awaken Your Wellness Program

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