Frequently Asked Questions:

What can I expect of my Physical Therapy initial evaluation?

Your initial evaluation will include a detailed assessment of your musculoskeletal system in a holistic manner to determine the the true cause of your pain. Together, we will then formulate a plan of treatment for physical therapy to help you reach your goals.


What should I wear to my physical therapy evaluation and treatment sessions?

Please bring shorts and a comfortable, loose T-shirt or tank top.


Do I need a prescription for physical therapy?

No.  Physical therapists do not require a prescription to evaluate and treat in the state of New York.  We will work closely with your referring physician, and provide progress reports on your treatment status.


Do You accept my insurance?

Marino Physical Therapy is an out-of-network provider.  If you have out-of-network coverage, you may be reimbursed based on your benefits.  Marino Physical Therapy will provide you with invoices for your treatment that can be submitted to your insurance for possible reimbursement.




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