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Mark's physical therapy skills and professionalism goes far beyond anyone I have ever worked with. I would recommend Mark to anyone, including friends and family needing to recover from injuries and looking for that feeling of well-being.

Robert Myer

I truly believe Mark Marino saved my life! I know that sounds dramatic, but I had suffered a terrible back injury leaving me with pain, sensation loss and strength loss. I never thought I’d return back to normal functioning. Luckily I was referred to Mark Marino! His knowledge of anatomy and functionality are critical to his ability to properly treat his patients. Using skilled, manual therapy Mark targets specific muscles and joints thereby improving mobility and decreasing pain. Within one session, I felt an improvement and after a few months, I was back to normal. I am proud to say that I am back to intense workouts and my usual busy lifestyle without any limitations thanks to Mark.

Robyn Blair, MD, Stony Brook University

Years ago, I was living my life in constant pain and discomfort as a result of two car accidents a decade earlier.  I saw several spine specialists, many of whom strongly recommended that I have a spinal fusion.  I was willing to try anything to avoid having surgery.  In June of 2015, I started seeing Mark Marino, a Certified Functional Manual Therapist.  During my first visit, my pain was alleviated, and I was impressed with how Mark Marino thoroughly explained everything he was doing, and how it would help my body obtain a level of wellness.  I have been using Mark's invention, "The BodyDisk," which has aided in providing a healthier, pain free life.  After years of frustration with conventional forms of physical therapy that did not help me feel better, I was ready for a different approach.  Mark Marino's holistic, one-on-one approach has really made a difference and has provided me with the tools to maintain a healthy and active life.


Craig Knapp, Long Island Music Educator

I am a competitive runner & Mark keeps me running. I go for maintenance as needed & when I go too long in between, issues arise such as hip, tight back or leg issues. Mark & manual pt keep me functioning at a hi level. He gets to the source & "fixes" me. And I love when I refer others to him & hear their reports of getting back to functioning optimally.

Kathy Martin, 14 Time World Champion, 1st USATF MAsters Athlete Of The Year

I am a long time competitive runner, who throughout the years, has incurred a range of injuries, literally from head to toe. Mark's knowledge, experience and skill has gotten me back to running many times when I thought I would have to hang up my running shoes. He is caring, sincere and dedicated to his patients and his practice and is without a doubt the first professional I go to when I need an effective treatment

Marilyn Caulfield

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