Decrease Tension In Minutes In Your Back, Neck & Shoulders, Hips, And Knees
With This Simple, 6-Minute Therapy Exercise Routine You Can Do Anywhere!


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Mark Marino's

The BodyDisk

  • Reduce Pain, Tension, & Stress In Minutes!
  • Improve Flexibility & Range of Motion
  • Enhance Your Core/Trunk Stability
  • Weighs Only 4oz! *** Super Easy To Bring On Trips! *** Fits In A Hand bag!
  • Get Results Now!
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Mark C. Marino, MAPT, CFMT

The BodyDisk On Mt. Washington


The BodyDisk Story:

The BodyDisk™ was invented by Mark Marino, a physical therapist who had serious injuries resulting from a motor vehicle accident.

He realized that, with conventional exercise, he could improve his strength, flexibility and endurance...but had difficulty relieving stress and tension in his body and loosening his joints and muscles without the assistance of a health professional.

He created the BodyDisk™ as an exercise device to help people better treat themselves and relieve the stress and tension that is created from musculoskeletal dysfunction related to injuries and imbalances in the body.


"The BodyDisk is a Physical Therapist, Choripractor & Massage Therapist all roled into one. Using The BodyDisk for just a few minutes a day, and the relief is Instantaneous!"
- Chris Maffia

"It's Amazing How Much it loosens me up and decreases my back & neck pain with just a few easy exercises!"
- L Loeser

"It decreased my midback & neck stiffness and pain in just a few minutes. I have one at home and one at work. It's awesome!"
- K. Sloan

"After a 25 mile bike ride, I was experiencing upper back & neck pain. I was not able to turn my head! I used the BodyDisk as instructed by my physical therapist and the improvement was immediate. THANK YOU BodyDisk!!"
- KR

"I use The BodyDisk for 10 minutes every morning, and I can feel the difference it makes throughout my day!"
- Justin J.

"I am a Physical Therapist who began using the BodyDisk with my patients. I noticed my patients are displaying better outcomes in fewer treatments when using The BodyDisk and have become more aware of their movement patterns during daily activities. The BodyDisk is a very easy and efficient tool that can help a wide variety of people."
- C.

"I use the BodyDisk before my runs to increase my flexibilty and after a day of work to help de-stress my upper and lower back."
- Gary P.

"The BodyDisk is part of my daily morning routine. I spend a few minutes on it each day working on my pelvic mobility and core stability. The shape is GREAT! A very effective tool."
- Regina Ronan- Pilates Instructor/Avid Runner

"We used the BodyDisk every day on our trip to India. It is so easy to travel with! It was like having a physical therapist in our suitcase. We love the BodyDisk!"
- Donna C. / Avid World Traveler